Frequently Asked Questions

The name of my son does not fit. How can I modify the size of the name on the invitations / labels?
To alter the size of the font, just select the name, as if you are ready to edit it, and then press CTRL+E (or CMD+E if you are on a Mac). That will bring the text properties dialog, and there you will be able to modify the size of it.

How can I download the files I purchased?

When your payment is processed you will receive a message on your screen with the link to your downloads. Additionally, you can return to your downloads from "My Account" , in the My Orders section, at any time.

Help! The PDF file has a different font set than the one you are showing in your listing / I cant see any text at all!

To edit the item properly, you need to use the latest version of Adobe Reader. You can download it for free here.

If you are using a Mac computer, please do not try to edit the text with Preview, the default PDF reader for Mac. It should be done on Adobe Reader. You can accomplish this right clicking on the file, and then selecting "Open with --> Adobe Reader".

Also, please remember that the personalization can only be made on a PC or Mac computer. You cannot use your tablet or phone.